Monday, October 25, 2010

Flower Cart - NFS

18-1/2"x22-1/2" double mat, grey wood frame
This flower cart acted almost as a landmark as the owners put it out every spring filled with beautiful flowers.

Poppies -NFS

8"x10" Watercolor
14"x17" double mat, ornate distressed silver frame

These poppies in my garden kept beckoning me to paint them. They grew from seeds my mother gave me years ago. I decided to add a more abstract background which seemed to work well with the blossoms.

Magnificent Hummingbird -NFS

8"x11-1/2" Watercolor
17-1/2"x21-1/2" gold distressed frame
The Magnificent hummingbird frequents the southwestern part of the USA.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Minisink Forest - NFS

11-1/2"x15" Watercolor
19"x23" single white mat, black frame
Where our property line ended, this forest began. I loved to walk there, up and down the hills and especially enjoyed seeing the brook, always flowing.

Early Morn - NFS

10"x13" Watercolor
17"x20" double mat, bluish grey frame
An old apple tree with moss growing on it and a bench given to me by a good neighbor. The sunlight was beginning to show through the woods and a cardinal stopped for a rest.

Hummer 2 - NFS

7"x9" Watercolor
12-1/2"x15-1/2" double mat, green porcelain enamel-like frame
The Ruby Throated Hummingbird is the only hummingbird that breeds in NY. We believed that the babies, which are as big as the mother when they fly, came to our feeder as we had a lot of activity later on in the season.

Orange Blossoms - NFS

12"x18" Watercolor
20"x26" double white mat, antique gold frame
The Orange Blossom Monument in Goshen, NY (Orange County) is a tribute to the 124th NY Volunteer Infantry Regiment formed in 1862 during the civil war. They fought many battles including Fredericksburg and Gettysburg. They were present at the confederate surrender.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Pick Me - NFS

10-1/2"x13" Watercolor
16"x20" double mat gold frame
It seemed that everytime I went out the kitchen door at my sister-in-law's home, this little kitten was sitting on the porch. I swear she was saying, "Pick Me." I must say she was the best pick of the 2.

Hungarian Gypsy - NFS

On a trip to Budapest, Hungary, we were serenaded with old hungarian folk songs by this handsome young gypsy. The atmosphere was an old fashioned cowboy type restaurant - quite romantic. I must say he played a wonderful variety of music from love ballads to quite rousing polkas.

Bahama Mermaid - NFS

10"x13" Watercolor
17-1/2"x21-1/2" double mat, gold frame
While on a cruise to the Bahamas, I took a photo of this attractive fountain featuring a mermaid, before the ship docked.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Rondout Creek, Kingston, NY - NFS

12-1/2"x18-1/2" Watercolor
19-1/2"x24-1/2" white mat, antique gold leaf frame

The Rondout Creek flows into the Hudson River. My husband fishes for striped bass in the spring when they start running up the Hudson. I usually go with him and sit on the bank either reading or drawing. He once received an award for the largest stripper caught on a certain day.

Rufous Hummingbird Nest

9"x12" watercolor on aquabord and sealed with Krylon UV resistant matte coating. This can be framed without glass or framed under glass with a mat.

Rufous Hummingbird with nest in a cabbage palm tree. Generally they have 2 eggs in a nest of lichen, bark, bud scales, even spider webbing. Inside of nest is lined with animal fur, moss, plant down and soft grass.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Happy Farm - NFS

16x20 Watercolor
This New York farm dates back to the 1800's. Although it has ceased to be a working farm, it remains one of my favorite barns. And, yes, it's real name was Happy Farm.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Fort Myers Beach - NFS

16x20 Watercolor
The sand was so white and soft in the daytime and at sundown, everything glowed. Noticed a man taking a photo of sunset and thought it would make a nice watercolor.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Grandma Anne's Teapot -NFS

16x20 Watercolor
The teapot was purchased by my grandfather at a jewelry store as a gift to my grandmother, who treasured it. My aunt had it, passed it on to me. I, in turn, gave it to my daughter-in-law & son.